Claim VAT Refund



Shop at the store

Spend at least 2,000 baht (VAT included) per person in the same store and same day.

Ask for P.P.10 Form and original tax invoices at the store on the purchase date.

Take the goods out of Thailand by the claimant within 60 days of purchase date via international airport. The purchase date is counted as the first day.



Show your purchase (P.P.10 Form, original tax invoices and goods) at Customs Office before loading your luggage at Phuket International Airport.

Remark: If you are in a hurry, after all inspections have made by the Customs and Revenue office, You may either drop your P.P.10 Form and original tax invoices in the box in front of VAT Refund for tourist Office



Submit P.P.10 Form and all original tax invoices to claim your refund at the VAT Refund for Tourists Office after the passport control.

Show luxury goods such as jewelry, gold ornament, watches, glasses and pens with value of 10,000 baht or more per item to Revenue officer for reinspection at the VAT Refund Office.

In case that the refund amount exceeds 30,000 baht the payment is made in form of draft or credit card account.